For example, going to prison can sometimes be retributive and sometimes restorative. So, such confusions can be and need to properly handle and answered. This thus leads to a lot of confusion because the common man needs and craves for justice for many wrongdoings. People are taken for a ride with promises of justice. Years of running behind lawyers and courts to find justice.  So that is how laws are made and rules and regulations are put in place, for people to understand what justice is all about. Laws help to demarcate between rights and wrongs legal and illegal. Basically, to understand fair play, share, and treatment. These are common for all the people irrespective of class or creed or religion.  There are many loopholes in the law which allow and supports the misuse of it. No law can fully, completely can guarantee justice. This is where lawyers come in. Professionals who are well read individuals of every law written understood or interpreted.

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